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24/7 locksmith services 

Whatever you need, Gouldilocks 24/7 master locksmith services are here for you. Our experienced, friendly engineers take pride in delivering the best local locksmithing, no matter the job or time of day.


We’re proud to have one of the fastest response rates in all of Nottingham, Leicester, and Derby, aiming to get to you within thirty minutes whenever possible and always understanding that every second counts in a lock-out situation. 

Here to help

Whether you need a lock repair or installation, to retrieve a snapped key, or even a whole security upgrade, Gouldilocks 24/7/365 lock services are here for you.

After so many years in the business, we understand how important it is that our customers’ properties remain safe and secure. As well as keeping your loved ones and valuables safe, security offers peace of mind – something everyone deserves to have.


Here at Gouldilocks Master Locksmiths, all our engineers are fully qualified and have at least two years’ experience under their belt (many with much more than this). We’re here to tackle your security concerns 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with safe and effective solutions to ensure your problem is resolved, no matter how big or small it may be.


Remember, we do not have any call-out charges or other hidden costs. That’s not how we do business here at Gouldilocks.

Fixing the Lock

UPVC window and 
door repair 

"Our doors haven't worked this well in years!"

This is often what we hear when we repair old doors.

At Gouldilocks our trained engineers can help you keep your doors working as they should and give them that brand new feel again.

Safe unlocking

Our team of trained professionals can diagnose the problem within 10 minutes of a free call-out

-Open combination safe without knowing the combination

-dial and digital locks

-Open a safe if the keys are locked inside

-Open a safe without key

-Open a safe forgot combination

-Crack open the safe if you have lost the keys

-Safe key stuck in lock

-Open key safes without knowing the code

-Unlock digital and electronic safes

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