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Your Security is Personal

There’s little more important than your personal security. Having the latest, safest, and strongest locks available on the market means peace of mind for you and the people you care about.

We partner with multiple, high-quality, and trusted lock suppliers to ensure we understand and can supply the most up-to-date solutions to meet your security requirements. Our partners include Yale, Banham, and Ultion – products trusted by millions of people every day to keep what’s important to them safe.


After all, everyone has the right to feel safe and secure.

How can Gouldilocks Master Locksmiths help?

Contact us for security upgrades, including:

  • Lock upgrades

  • Home security surveys

  • Peepholes

  • Letterbox protectors

  • Door chains

  • Fitting bolts to UPVC/Patio/French Doors

  • Fitting Sash Locks for wooden windows



We are also on hand to offer free advice and information. Our Master Locksmiths have years of experience and industry-knowledge to share and are more than happy to chat things through and discuss your security options.

High Security Guarantee

What do typical high security lock features include?



Just like it sounds!

Locks with anti-snap technology have weak points which are designed to fail on purpose, way before the lock cylinder does. This means the intruder cannot break the centre cylinder in half and extract it to gain entry.



‘Bumping’ a lock means dislodging the pins inside it via repetitive impact, allowing the barrel to be turned and the lock to open. Anti-bump locks, however, require special keys, have more pins, and have shallow pin stacks, making them more durable and to prevent the pins from jumping up.


Anti Drill

Whilst not the most subtle form of forced-entry, drill bits can be forced through keyholes to destroy the lock, making it easy for a screwdriver to turn it as a key would. Anti-drill locks have hardened components, making them much stronger than ordinary locks. They also have a steel cylinder which makes it almost impossible to drill into, even with a diamond-tipped drill.

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